5 Magic Questions About Your Inner Voice

Now I know that it sounds weird but these 5 questions can be the single difference between great social interactions with gurls and terrible ones!

So have you ever heard the saying that we all have an inner voice within us? Well guess what, its true and that inner voice is always there and constantly talking.

And what is it? Well that inner voice is you… your subconscious… the “silent” decision maker.

It influences and most times even decides on the course of action that you take. Sounds kind of scary but the truth is that in most daily situations we really have little to no conscious control of the decisions we make. We simply seem to automatically react to certain events and make decisions daily decisions without much thought at all.

Think about it…

We naturally train our minds to make most mental decisions quickly and without much thought. But what we are actually training is our subconscious. We are constantly training our subconscious to make most of our daily decisions for us.

Now the sad thing is that our inner voices are subject to more outer influences than inner! What that means is that a lot of conditioning of our inner voice is made by the world around us and not by you! And this is where these 5 questions take effect!

Therefore being able to answer these 5 questions alone will allow you to take control of the most important part of your body, YOUR MIND. And only by doing so can you really learn to control your confidence, charm and personality; all of which are essential to long term great social interactions with gurls.

So let’s review these 5 important questions:

1. Can I Hear My Inner Voice?

Believe it or not, it is very possible to hear your inner voice. And believe it or not, hearing your inner voice is as easy as pausing a moment before making a decision!

Therefore analyzing your train of thought after pausing before making a decision is the best way to hear your inner voice and it is the first step to learning to control it.

2. When Should I listen To My Inner Voice?

The best time to listen to your inner voice is when you are in a heightened emotional state. Now although you can listen to your inner voice anytime, it is loudest under moments of distress or high activity!

And the truth is that you really don’t have to take control of your subconscious in all cases; because your subconscious is more like a shortcut or a road map to quick and easy everyday living.

Simply take a minute to imagine every decision you make from the moment you wake up… now imagine stopping yourself before you make those decisions and then proceeding to question your motives behind the decisions you were going to make. Yup, it gives me a headache as well just thinking about it but that’s how it would be like if you shut of the control that your subconscious self has over your life.

Now getting back on topic, the reason you want to training yourself to occasionally listen to your inner voice, especially when in a heightened emotional state, is because when you are emotionally charged it usually your body and mind’s way of warning you that this situation requires conscious decision making as the decisions you make are very important to you.

3. Does My Voice Advice Me Towards Confidence/Negativity?

Now the reason you are learning to listen to your inner voice is not so you can say that you hear voices in your head! No, the reason for learning to listen to your subconscious self is so that you can first learn to identify whether you are feeding yourself confidence or fear and doubt!

Fact: “Your Subconscious Mindset Dictates Your Conscious Way of Living.”

The simple concept of mind of matter comes into play here as what you think is what you are. So if your subconscious keeps feeding you negativity, doubt and fear, then your conscious actions will be along the same lines of negativity, doubt and fear.

Whereas a positive subconscious way of thinking will result in you making conscious actions that are full of physical confidence and positivity.

4. So Why Is My Inner Voice Full Of Confidence/Negativity?

Well this can be explained simply by quoting: “Birds of a Feather Flock Together”.

So look and around at the people you socialize with, the friends you keep, the music you listen to, the programs you watch on TV and if you are painfully honest with yourself you will realize the influences that your subconscious mind is modeled around.

5. How do I Take Control Of My Inner Voice And Remodel It Into What I Want?

Taking control of your inner voice is not brain surgery and is not as difficult as it sounds.

It is actually more of conditioning than anything else!

The thing you must realize is that humans are beasts of habit and just about everything we do normally, we do out of habit. And this is what makes conditioning of your mindset very possible.

In a nutshell, there are 3 ways of accomplishing the desired confident and positive mindset and all 3 MUST go hand in hand:

The 1 st way is all about adopting the right kind of habits that create positivity and confidence in your everyday life and sticking to those actions long enough for your mind to think it normal and natural to keep to these actions up; and the habit is born. And so, the confidence and positivity of those habits will become a part of your everyday life.

way is all about adopting the right kind of habits that create positivity and confidence in your everyday life and sticking to those actions long enough for your mind to think it normal and natural to keep to these actions up; and the habit is born. And so, the confidence and positivity of those habits will become a part of your everyday life. The 2nd way is learning to personally feed your mind positivity by becoming your own personal cheerleader. Whenever you hear your inner voice being negative, say no to that way of thinking and feed positive and confident thoughts to yourself.

Purpose to act in a positive and confident manner in all situations and keep telling yourself that this is who you are and before long this way of thinking will indeed become natural for you!

The 3rd way of gaining a confident and positive inner voice is changing your flock.

Now chances are that your speech will betray the true nature of your mindset. If all you tend to talk about are complaints and fears about everything then you have a fearful and doubtful mindset, and you probably are not the best company to be around.

The old saying that birds of a feather flock together is all so true! Therefore change your current company and start hanging around with positive natured people!

Don’t believe me? Then simply go out there and spend a day with that negative guy that we all know. I’m sure you know who I mean; we all have an acquaintance who is always complaining about this and that and is never satisfied or happy with any of life’s events. And after spending a full day with that person tell me just how positive you feel…

So just by hanging around positive people you will gradually adopt their way of thinking; with time it will feel unnatural to speak of negativity and fear and natural to speak positively and confidently!


John Clarke is a professional and experienced content creator based in Sydney, Australia. He works as the editorial manager in TIME Magazine and as a contributor at dns323.com

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