Bleach Cleaner A Wide Range Of Uses

Bleach Cleaner – A Wide Range of Uses

Bleach cleaner is used for a wide range of things. This is because bleach is able to do everything starting with hair lightening to eliminating and killing germs which are found in bathrooms and kitchens.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that bleach is quite useful as far as cleaning is concerned, it has also been linked to certain health problems which have become quite of concern in recent times.

As such, most people are torn between using bleach cleaner and opting for other cleaning alternatives. For this reason, before you actually make up your mind to use this chemical for your cleaning, it is essential that you first keep in mind the various pros and cons which are associated with use of bleach. This way, you will be able to make up your mind whether it is the right cleaning option for you or not.

The Pros

First, as highlighted here above, there is no doubt that bleach cleaner is quite useful as far as making sure that your loved ones are protected from microbes and germs. These can be quite hazardous on health and might mean never ending trips to the doctors office.

In addition to this, bleach is also able to kill bacteria as well as virus and in such cases, you can say that it is an all purpose cleaning agent for areas invaded with germs like bathroom and kitchen. Still, since it is also possible to manufacture bleach in form of chlorine, it is usually added to water in the pool as a way of killing bacteria and amoeba.

As you spend your entire day in the water swimming, you are assured of complete protection from infections related with such bacteria. Still on the issue of advantages of bleach, you should know that bleach cleaner is regarded as a brightener and a whitener. As such, if you want to turn your dark lock blonder, you can use bleach to strip the hair of the color.

This way, you can use any type of dye that you want or just leave it blonde. Besides hair, bleach can strip clothes their color but you need to be careful as cloth fibers are easily damaged by bleach especially when used in its pure for.

However, it is very useful when sued alongside other stain removers where it can remove effectively dark stains like grass, wine and ketchup.

The Cons Of Bleach Cleaner

Even with bleach cleaner being quite useful as such, it is unfortunately a harmful chemical especially when not used properly and when used together with other cleaning chemicals.

If it is inhaled, it can lead to breathing problems, loss of consciousness, nausea and headaches. Still, use of bleach cleaner is highly discouraged for persons with chronic bronchitis, lung disorders and asthmatic conditions as it can seriously worsen their health condition.

Also, using bleach with products that contain ammonia especially glass cleaners can lead to the formation of chlorine gas which is quite hazardous on the health of humans.


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