Commercial Cleaning Supplies You Need To Have

Most people acknowledge that a home looks much better when commercial cleaners do the job, but you can get similar results if you have commercial cleaning supplies of your own.

These are everything you will need if you want to be more professional at cleaning your home:

Trash Can Supplies

The first rule of cleaning is to avoid unnecessarily accumulating trash inside your rooms, and for that you will need trash cans and other assorted supplies.

1. Trash cans for every room of the house, so that you can easily dispose of your various trash items. Having no trash can inside the room you are in can be a problem, as you may feel too lazy to get up and find one outside.

2. Trash can liners. These can be bought in a store, or you can just use your used grocery bags. Using these is much easier than cleaning your trash cans.

3. Trash cans for items which can be recycled. Separate these items before you place them in your trash can, because it can get quite icky later on if you do it later.

4.Baking soda, which is great reducing or even eliminating the odors emitted by your trash cans. Just place some baking soda in the bottom of the liners, and it can even absorb spills as well.

Dusting Equipment

Dusting is perhaps the most common way of cleaning a room, and if you want to do it in a more professional manner you’ll need something beyond just your rags.

5. Microfiber cloths, which are specially designed to attract dust when you wipe surfaces.

6. A dusting attachment for your vacuum cleaner, so that you can reach your ceiling and the upper part of your walls. You can also dust corners with it.

7. Dusting spray and

8. Furniture polish, both of which give your furniture a nice clean look.

Cleaning Equipment for General Surfaces

Just about every surface in your home will get its share of spills, smudges, and sticky spots. Get rid of them with the following pieces of equipment:

9. An all-purpose cleaner. This will work on most surfaces, and they are generally quite effective.

10. Special wipes for the kitchen.

11. Special wipes for the bathroom.

12. Cleaning cloths, sponges, and paper towels

13. Gloves, since some won’t come off unless you directly use your hands. The best ones for this purpose are disposable gloves.

14. Scrubbers

Cleaning Equipment for Special Surfaces

Most houses have some surfaces or items which will need a bit more attention if you want to keep them clean. Here are the supplies you need to make it so:

15. Laundry soap, stain remover, and additives

16. Bleach

17. Toilet bowl cleaner

18. Dish soap and detergent

19. Wood, silver, and metal polish

20. Air freshener, since the air can get somewhat smelly with all this cleaning taking place.

Floor Cleaning Equipment

The floor is obviously among the top places where most the dirt congregates. Do this last when you clean, so that the dirt and dust you scrub off settles on the floor first.

21. Broom and dustpan

22. Vacuum cleaner

23. Mop and bucket

24. A mopping solution suitable for your floor surface

25. Polish


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