Comparing WNBA Picks And NBA Picks: What’s the Difference?

It’s no secret that basketball is one of America’s most popular sports, with both men’s (NBA) and women’s (WNBA) leagues offering exciting play. But when it comes to making predictions on which teams will win, are there differences between the NBA and WNBA picks? To answer this question, we take a look at what makes NBA and WNBA expert picks unique.

Differences In Team Structure

The structure of each league has an effect on how players will perform. The NBA consists of 30 teams playing in 82 regular season games before playoffs begin. The WNBA has 12 teams playing 34 regular season games prior to its postseason tournament. This difference in team structure means that while the NBA is larger, allowing for more competition, the WNBA offers less opportunity for upsets due to its smaller size and shorter regular season schedule.

Variations in Player Roster

Another distinction lies in the makeup of each team’s player roster. While both leagues have rosters made up entirely of professional athletes, there are some key differences between them. The average age of an NBA player is 26 years old while the average age for a WNBA player is 27 years old; furthermore, NBA players make significantly more money than those in the WNBA do—the maximum salary cap for an NBA player stands at around $40 million compared to just $115,000 for a WNBA player—meaning that there can be discrepancies in terms of motivation levels between these two groups of players. Additionally, many top-tier male athletes tend to move from team to team more often than their female counterparts do—another factor which can influence outcomes when making predictions about who will come out on top during any given game or series.

Impact Of Home Court Advantage

Home court advantage also tends to play a greater role in predicting outcomes within women’s basketball than it does within men’s basketball due to higher fan engagement in the former league as well as differences in coaching strategies used by opposing teams when playing away or at home. Despite these factors being taken into account, however, “true skill level separates good teams from bad regardless of venue,” according to Jonathan Givony writing for ESPNW back in 2015 – so ultimately it comes down to evaluating each team’s individual talents rather than relying too heavily on where they are playing or how much experience their respective coaches have had with either league specifically when making predictions about who may emerge victorious after all is said and done.

Geographical Factors

The geographical location of teams should also be considered when looking at how they match up against one another – especially if you’re trying to predict out-of-conference games or matchups between east coast and west coast squads where travel time could be a factor influencing fatigue levels amongst players during gameplay itself as well as affecting preparation times leading up to tipoff. This could mean that certain long trips end up taking away from practice sessions which would otherwise improve performance and result in better outcomes – something important not only for handicappers but also bettors aiming to place profitable wagers based off accurate information provided by knowledgeable experts like those featured here at Sports Insights’ Betting Blog!


Though similarities exist between men’s and women’s basketball leagues such as team structure, player roster makeup and geographical factors impacting matchups; these distinctions – along with other considerations such as home court advantage – should be taken into account when attempting to determine who will come out victorious following any given matchup–especially if you’re relying on insights from reliable sources like Sports Insights’ expert panelists providing informed opinions backed by data-driven analysis before placing your own wagers!


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