Do Eyelash Growth Products Really Work

As consumers we have all got stung buying a product that promises a lot but, fails to deliver. It has made us more wary shoppers and we really want to know if a product works before we invest our hard earned money into something.

Still, we all long for products that will make us look and feel better about ourselves and so we all want to know the bottom line about these types of products. In the last few years there has been so much hype about eyelash growth products.

While it is only natural that those of us who were not blessed with long eyelashes would want to rush out and buy one of these products the cautious side of us find ourselves asking Do eyelash growth products really work?

What Causes Short Eyelashes?

In order to understand whether or not eyelash growth products really work it helps to understand just what causes some women to have short sparse eyelashes to begin with. The truth is there are several things that contribute to eyelashes being short but, it all boils down to one thing. Unhealthy and brittle lashes.

That’s right eyelashes like the hair on your head has growth spurts and old lashes fall out to make room for new lashes. In many cases, your eyelashes simply don’t have the chance to grow out to their full length because they are pulled out or break before they finish growing. Then they fall out before they can again attempt to reach their full natural length and the new lashes of course must then grow before they can reach their new length and they too get broken or pulled out.

Wearing mascara, washing off eye make up, and rubbing your eyes can all pull out your eyelashes or cause them to break. If your lashes lack the vitamins and minerals necessary to be moist and pliable the easier they will be damaged. Keeping all this in mind let’s look at what eyelash growth products do.

What Eyelash Enhancement Products Do For Your Lashes

Eyelash growth products are not all the same. Some of these products actually contain ingredients which will cause your lashes to grow a bit faster while some only condition your lashes making them healthier and better able to grow to their full potential. Still other eyelash enhancement products combine making your lashes healthier with ingredients that help your lashes grow faster as well.

Then there are the eyelash growth products that do cause your eyelashes to grow rapidly but, at a risk to your eyes. These products contains some form of prostaglandin which is a key ingredient in glaucoma medication and is known to cause rapid eyelash growth. It is also considered unsafe as it can cause severe irritation to the tissue surrounding your eyes and your eyes themselves as well as cause vision impairment, and darken both your irises and the skin of your eyelids. These types of products should be avoided at all costs.

Eyelash growth products that condition your eyelashes and help them grow a bit faster are usually considered safe although some do contain ingredients that can irritate sensitive eyes. The best enhancement products are those that both stimulate eyelash growth and condition your eyelashes to keep them from breaking.

Choosing The Right Eyelash Growth Product

Keep in mind that even the best eyelash growth product isn’t going to be equally effective for everyone. However, you can increase your chances of finding a good eyelash growth product by visiting the websites, studying their lists of ingredients to ensure that the product does not contain any ingredients that you might be sensitive to. You next want to check for clinical studies, testimonials and reviews regarding each specific product you are interested in and take note, not just regarding whether or not the product works but, whether or not there are negative side effects from using any given product.

One eyelash growth product that always seems to get excellent reviews is Idol lash. Most reviews on this product show that it does work for the vast majority of the people who try it and that it delivers on it’s promises. In addition, the official site offers a complete list of it’s ingredients, a clinical study and testimonials showing that this product works. In addition, there have been no negative side effects reported from using this product.

So, to make a long answer short. There are definitely some eyelash growth products out there that do work but, you have to invest the time and effort to find the really goods ones like Idol Lash.


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