Do Guys Like Girls With Longer Eyelashes

In today’s world men like women who think like a man, enjoy the great out of doors and a variety of sports but, can still look feminine while doing it all. A woman with long eyelashes looks incredibly feminine no matter what she is wearing or what activity she is engaged in and men are drawn to that look of feminine look.

In many men’s eyes long lashes provides a woman with a great flirting tool and an air of mystery all which attracts most men like a moth to a flame.

There is nothing that a man finds more amusing or more personally appealing that a woman who bats her long lashes in his direction. Having those lashes shade her eyes and fan her cheeks often gives women a look of innocence that is vastly appealing. Long lashes also provide beautiful frames for a great pair of eyes making a woman’s eyes appear both larger and as though there is some deep mystery hidden into her depth.

Women have long noted men’s attraction to women with longer lashes and for that reason for centuries women have tried almost everything they can think of to try and increase the length of their lashes or at least make their lashes appear longer and thicker than they really are. Let’s face it the eyes are the windows to the soul and everything around those windows can enhance or detract from the total look of a woman’s face.

Think of the number of poets who have written sonnets about a woman’s eyes. Do you think they would have composed stanza after stanza of lyrics about a woman whose eyes were surround by short stubby lashes? Then of course there are the novelists who always make mention of watching the heroine sleep her lashes fanning her cheeks.

Sure you don’t hear many men talk about the women they like having a really great pair of eyelashes but, that is because the length of a woman’s eyelashes seems to be almost a guilty pleasure for most men. They simply don’t like mentioning to other men that notice what should be surely a small detail. However, ask any woman with truly long lashes and they will tell you that they have probably received a good number of male compliments on the length of their lashes.

The simple truth is that while a man can certainly fall in love with a woman with short eyelashes guys do like longer lashes on women and they definitely notice those women who have long lashes be they straight or curly. And while your particular guy may not write sonnets to the beauty of your eyes or your eyelashes, he will notice their length particularly if you have longer than average eyelashes.

So it really isn’t a wonder that century after century women whether they are young or old, rich or poor seek to have longer and longer eyelashes to bring out their feminine side.


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