Edurus- Tombstone Manufacture

The above title would have scared some people but the naked truth of life is that it has to end someday or the other. It is applicable for everyone and we have to accept it.

There are 3 people that everyone would never wish they’d have to cross paths with- doctor, lawyer and police because you know that trouble is just around the corner and no one wants to go through it.

However, this article is about Edurus, a renowned Hauakivide Valmistamine, a Swedish-based company that manufactures tombstones and is quite renowned throughout Europe for it.

Mausoleum Renown

There can be no greater pain than to lose a loved one and the ceremonies that follow for the next few days is really hard to go through but Edurus is an excellent mausoleum where you can pay glowing tributes to the departed soul and invite many people so that they can catch a glimpse of their personality.

Apart from tombstones, Edurus is also famous for making tombs and tomb railings of different sizes so anyone that wants to can place an order online as the mausoleum wants to provide a helping hand for bereaved family members to preserve the deceased’s memory forever.

The products are of topnotch quality for everyone with special discount offers available for numerous occasions. The company was founded by Markus Skinner in 2005 and has branches in many European countries like Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, France, Bulgaria and others.

The factories play a huge role in manufacturing tombstones of different varieties and the market share is at a whopping 25%, which makes it the largest supplier of tombstones in Sweden.

Edurus also has a partnership with Fonas, the largest funeral director in Sweden that has been up to the task for many years that has spread its wings throughout Europe and North America.


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