How to Bild Pottery Kiln-Top2 Methods of Building Kiln!

For building a kiln, there are many countless methods present. The kiln is a type of oven or heated enclosure. It is mainly used for processing substances with the method of burning, firing, and drying them. Or in other words, the kiln is a particular type of oven for firing up the various things for bricks and pottery.

 If you are wondering that how to build a pottery kiln, then it is the easiest method. Moreover, the top2 methods of building kiln are:

  • Pit firing

Pit firing is the oldest method of building the kiln. If you want to build a kiln in the backyard of your house, then it is the most straightforward method. In this, you don’t require any equipment. The only thing you need is a shovel and some combustible material. First, you need to make it in the bisqueware; after that, wrap it with aluminum saggars. This will let you decorate your pots or décor it lovely as per your choice. After all the steps, you can light up your kiln, and you are ready to go.

  • Brick kilns

Another method of building the kiln is the Brick Kiln method; in this, you have to use bricks to build up your kiln. This method of building a kiln work on the same principle of pit firing. By constructing the bricks above on the ground to upward, you simply create the pit. Into in your can add the combustible material which helps you to lighten up your kiln.

Do these two methods of building kilns are expensive?

No, the two methods, which are pit firing and brick kilns, aren’t expensive. Even they are the cheapest method of building the kilns. You don’t need any type of tool or material for building. All you need is combustible materials and bricks and, yes, a shovel also.


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