Is Curling Bad For Eyelashes

Most women want attractive eyelashes and will do almost anything to make the most of what they do have. For many women they curl their eyelashes in because it makes them look somewhat longer and more attractive.

However, what many don’t know is that curling your eyelashes is actually bad for them leading to unhealthy and damaged lashes.

What Bending Your Lashes Does

For starters, eyelash curlers bend your lashes sharply at an angle. This is not a gently curve but, a distinct bend that when done repeatedly day after day can break off your eyelashes much the same as bending a thing wire back and forth will eventually break it. The more often you curl your lashes, the more breakage there is bound to be.

Using Heat To Keep The Curl

On top of repeatedly bending your eyelashes many women use a heated curler to help hold in that eyelash curl. Just like that curling iron damages the hair on your head from heating your hair strands a heated eyelash curler will also dry out your lashes making them far more brittle and unhealthy which leads to even more breakage.

What this means is that this effort to have beautiful eyelashes often results in your eyelashes looking less than attractive because they are short and stubby and brittle. Instead of continuing to damage their lashes in order to make them more beautiful, many women are using eyelash growth product to get longer and thicker lashes that are truly attractive.

What’s Good About Eyelash Growth Products

One thing that is good about most eyelash growth products is that they contain conditioners that will actually help your lashes recover from the damage that those eyelash curlers have inflicted. Many of these products contain vitamins and minerals that repair damage, build stronger lashes, and add moisture making your lashes look and feel softer and healthier.

The more conditioned and healthy your lashes are, the better chance you have of growing long thick lashes that are truly beautiful. In addition, many eyelash growth products also combine various helpful ingredients that actually encourage your eyelashes to grow faster. This means that your eyelashes will not only feel better but will look better as well without the damage that a curler can do.

Choosing The Right Product

Of course, choosing the right eyelash growth product is important since not all of these products are created equal. You are going to want to find a product that not only contains conditioners to repair that curler damage and promote more rapid eyelash growth but, also want that is safe to use.

Some eyelash conditioners contain medications or irritants that burn and redden your eyes or eyelids or even blur and damage your vision. While others may not cause any burning at all but, also do nothing to improve the condition or length of your lashes.

Idol lash is one eyelash growth product that has been proven to be both safe and effective. This product conditions lashes, helps them grow faster, and has no negative side effects. So why damage your lashes with eyelash curlers when you get have beautiful and healthy lashes?


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