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Is Curling Bad For Eyelashes

Most women want attractive eyelashes and will do almost anything to make the most of what they do have. For many women they curl their eyelashes in because it makes them look somewhat longer and more attractive.

However, what many don’t know is that curling your eyelashes is actually bad for them leading to unhealthy and damaged lashes.

What Bending Your Lashes Does

For starters, eyelash curlers bend your lashes sharply at an angle. This is not a gently curve but, a distinct bend that when done repeatedly day after day can break off your eyelashes much the same as bending a thing wire back and forth will eventually break it. The more often you curl your lashes, the more breakage there is bound to be.

Using Heat To Keep The Curl

On top of repeatedly bending your eyelashes many women use a heated curler to help hold in that eyelash curl. Just like that curling iron damages the hair on your head from heating your hair strands a heated eyelash curler will also dry out your lashes making them far more brittle and unhealthy which leads to even more breakage.

What this means is that this effort to have beautiful eyelashes often results in your eyelashes looking less than attractive because they are short and stubby and brittle. Instead of continuing to damage their lashes in order to make them more beautiful, many women are using eyelash growth product to get longer and thicker lashes that are truly attractive.

What’s Good About Eyelash Growth Products

One thing that is good about most eyelash growth products is that they contain conditioners that will actually help your lashes recover from the damage that those eyelash curlers have inflicted. Many of these products contain vitamins and minerals that repair damage, build stronger lashes, and add moisture making your lashes look and feel softer and healthier.

The more conditioned and healthy your lashes are, the better chance you have of growing long thick lashes that are truly beautiful. In addition, many eyelash growth products also combine various helpful ingredients that actually encourage your eyelashes to grow faster. This means that your eyelashes will not only feel better but will look better as well without the damage that a curler can do.

Choosing The Right Product

Of course, choosing the right eyelash growth product is important since not all of these products are created equal. You are going to want to find a product that not only contains conditioners to repair that curler damage and promote more rapid eyelash growth but, also want that is safe to use.

Some eyelash conditioners contain medications or irritants that burn and redden your eyes or eyelids or even blur and damage your vision. While others may not cause any burning at all but, also do nothing to improve the condition or length of your lashes.

Idol lash is one eyelash growth product that has been proven to be both safe and effective. This product conditions lashes, helps them grow faster, and has no negative side effects. So why damage your lashes with eyelash curlers when you get have beautiful and healthy lashes?

Commercial Cleaning Supplies You Need To Have

Most people acknowledge that a home looks much better when commercial cleaners do the job, but you can get similar results if you have commercial cleaning supplies of your own.

These are everything you will need if you want to be more professional at cleaning your home:

Trash Can Supplies

The first rule of cleaning is to avoid unnecessarily accumulating trash inside your rooms, and for that you will need trash cans and other assorted supplies.

1. Trash cans for every room of the house, so that you can easily dispose of your various trash items. Having no trash can inside the room you are in can be a problem, as you may feel too lazy to get up and find one outside.

2. Trash can liners. These can be bought in a store, or you can just use your used grocery bags. Using these is much easier than cleaning your trash cans.

3. Trash cans for items which can be recycled. Separate these items before you place them in your trash can, because it can get quite icky later on if you do it later.

4.Baking soda, which is great reducing or even eliminating the odors emitted by your trash cans. Just place some baking soda in the bottom of the liners, and it can even absorb spills as well.

Dusting Equipment

Dusting is perhaps the most common way of cleaning a room, and if you want to do it in a more professional manner you’ll need something beyond just your rags.

5. Microfiber cloths, which are specially designed to attract dust when you wipe surfaces.

6. A dusting attachment for your vacuum cleaner, so that you can reach your ceiling and the upper part of your walls. You can also dust corners with it.

7. Dusting spray and

8. Furniture polish, both of which give your furniture a nice clean look.

Cleaning Equipment for General Surfaces

Just about every surface in your home will get its share of spills, smudges, and sticky spots. Get rid of them with the following pieces of equipment:

9. An all-purpose cleaner. This will work on most surfaces, and they are generally quite effective.

10. Special wipes for the kitchen.

11. Special wipes for the bathroom.

12. Cleaning cloths, sponges, and paper towels

13. Gloves, since some won’t come off unless you directly use your hands. The best ones for this purpose are disposable gloves.

14. Scrubbers

Cleaning Equipment for Special Surfaces

Most houses have some surfaces or items which will need a bit more attention if you want to keep them clean. Here are the supplies you need to make it so:

15. Laundry soap, stain remover, and additives

16. Bleach

17. Toilet bowl cleaner

18. Dish soap and detergent

19. Wood, silver, and metal polish

20. Air freshener, since the air can get somewhat smelly with all this cleaning taking place.

Floor Cleaning Equipment

The floor is obviously among the top places where most the dirt congregates. Do this last when you clean, so that the dirt and dust you scrub off settles on the floor first.

21. Broom and dustpan

22. Vacuum cleaner

23. Mop and bucket

24. A mopping solution suitable for your floor surface

25. Polish

Do Guys Like Girls With Longer Eyelashes

In today’s world men like women who think like a man, enjoy the great out of doors and a variety of sports but, can still look feminine while doing it all. A woman with long eyelashes looks incredibly feminine no matter what she is wearing or what activity she is engaged in and men are drawn to that look of feminine look.

In many men’s eyes long lashes provides a woman with a great flirting tool and an air of mystery all which attracts most men like a moth to a flame.

There is nothing that a man finds more amusing or more personally appealing that a woman who bats her long lashes in his direction. Having those lashes shade her eyes and fan her cheeks often gives women a look of innocence that is vastly appealing. Long lashes also provide beautiful frames for a great pair of eyes making a woman’s eyes appear both larger and as though there is some deep mystery hidden into her depth.

Women have long noted men’s attraction to women with longer lashes and for that reason for centuries women have tried almost everything they can think of to try and increase the length of their lashes or at least make their lashes appear longer and thicker than they really are. Let’s face it the eyes are the windows to the soul and everything around those windows can enhance or detract from the total look of a woman’s face.

Think of the number of poets who have written sonnets about a woman’s eyes. Do you think they would have composed stanza after stanza of lyrics about a woman whose eyes were surround by short stubby lashes? Then of course there are the novelists who always make mention of watching the heroine sleep her lashes fanning her cheeks.

Sure you don’t hear many men talk about the women they like having a really great pair of eyelashes but, that is because the length of a woman’s eyelashes seems to be almost a guilty pleasure for most men. They simply don’t like mentioning to other men that notice what should be surely a small detail. However, ask any woman with truly long lashes and they will tell you that they have probably received a good number of male compliments on the length of their lashes.

The simple truth is that while a man can certainly fall in love with a woman with short eyelashes guys do like longer lashes on women and they definitely notice those women who have long lashes be they straight or curly. And while your particular guy may not write sonnets to the beauty of your eyes or your eyelashes, he will notice their length particularly if you have longer than average eyelashes.

So it really isn’t a wonder that century after century women whether they are young or old, rich or poor seek to have longer and longer eyelashes to bring out their feminine side.

Bioxyte Intranasal: Upper Respiratory, Sinus, Ear Infections

Bioxyte Intranasal Disinfection Mode

  • Infections: Upper Respiratory, Sinus, Ear
  • Path: Olfactory Receptors

Signs & Symptoms:

These two conditions; Upper Respiratory infections, and Sinus Infection, run their course contiguously more often than not.

And more often than not, these same patient suffer from Otitis Media; Middle Ear Infections, sleep apnea, imsomnia


As these maladies where not enough, SLEEP APNEA is also present in an elevated percentage of patients. (Almost all of them…)


In order is to understand where the root of all of these problems lay. More yet, how to successfully treat and resolve these conditions for good!

The illustration of the “human head” (SAGITAL CUT) present a clear view of the location of the “sinus”. Notice their location in reference to the nose and forehead.

In total, the “sinus” that we are concerned with, are three: An UPPER or SUPERIOR CONCHAE, a MEDDIAL CONCHAE, and a VESTIBULAR CONCHAE.

Their combined function is of conditioning and humidifying the air we intake, prior to entering the bronchus and the lungs.

All air inside of these system is warmed up, and allow to pick-up moisture. It is also check, by exposure to certain cells (Dendritic Cells), for virus, bacteria, pollutants, fungus, etc.

Dendritic Cells belong to the IMMUNE SYSTEM. Once the Immune System can no longer “control” the constant bombardment with toxic, poisonous, infected molecules, day after day, it break down, and an INFECTION take a strong hold of the UPPER RESPIRATORY SYSTEM.

Later on, and after several “rounds” of PETROCHEMICAL ANTIBIOTICS, the un-resolved infection can be said, become “CHRONIC SINUS INFECTION”.

These type of infections diminish considerably the QUALITY OF LIFE of millions and millions of people. Not just in our Country, but worldwide as well. It is so crippling that “demands” a form of “life adaptation” to barely survive.

With time, up to severe behavioral changes are often recorded from patients of these forms infections. And there are well founded reasons for that, and more.

Returning to the illustration of the human head, observe the enlarged “window” area, and its location in reference with the FRONTAL LOBE OF THE HUMAN BRAIN.

Notice that embedded in a scarce 1/8” of an inch layer of mucus (normal conditions), are the terminal ends (dendrites) of the very OLFACTORY NERVE.

Observe that the Olfactory Nerve ascends, and penetrate a very thin and porous (1/8” thick), barrier-bone, upon which the FRONTAL LOBE of the brain rest.

The “bundles” of OLFACTORY NEURONS (Olfactory tract) culminate embedded in the Frontal Lobe itself (See Video).

Once the infection “settles” deep into the Superior Conchae (Refer to video), and after repeated unsuccessful antibiotics regimes, the infection more than proves to be VIRAL IN NATURE.

Typical of several virus (All?) is to “hide” under the mayelid sheath that cover the axon of all neurons.

Mayelid is very much like the insulation you see covering all electrical wires. It is designed to insulate from the outside.

Consequently virtually impossible to be penetrated , and/or be reached by an external agent.

Viral presence within the human body is counteracted with INFLAMMATION, and a RISE OF TEMPERATURE. ALSO WITH PUTREFACTION AND DECOMPOSITION.


Because of the PHYTOAGENTS FORMULATED IN BIOXYTE, disinfection and sanitation is now a simple protocol away.

Studies Suggest Why Motorcyclists Are Likely To Be Accident Victims

Many motorcyclists living near Atlanta, Georgia, can’t wait for the warm season when they can ride regularly. Unfortunately, with more riding comes a greater risk of accidents, which are often more devastating for motorcyclists than for the people in other involved vehicles. Sadly, in many cases, motorcyclists are not even at fault in these accidents.

Recent studies point to two reasons that motorcyclists may have a higher risk of being accident victims than motorists in other vehicles. It’s obvious that motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and less common to see. In surprising ways, these qualities may raise the risk of other drivers failing to recognize motorcyclists or misjudging the type of maneuvers they can make safely.

Drivers struggle to recognize rare objects

A study published in 2014 by researchers from Monash University in Australia suggests drivers are slow to detect motorcycles because motorcycles are a relatively uncommon sight. According to materials from the study, researchers asked participants to identify motorcycles and buses that appeared during a driving simulation. Half of the participants were given a simulation with a high frequency of buses, while the other half saw more motorcycles. Researchers found the following:

Participants were biased to detect whichever type of vehicle they were exposed to more frequently.

Participants with infrequent exposure to motorcycles had to be 51 meters closer, on average, to detect them.

At speeds of less than 40 miles per hour, this gave the participants with frequent motorcycle exposure an extra 3 seconds of reaction time.

These findings suggest that the start of the riding season, when most drivers are not accustomed to seeing motorcyclists, may be especially dangerous. Unfortunately, prevalence is not the only factor that makes other drivers more likely to cause motorcycle accidents.

Size affects perception of speed

A second study from Texas Tech University, which was published in fall 2013, found that the brain might underestimate the speed of motorcycles because of their size. According to materials published on Science Daily, study participants were asked to watch a simulation in which a distant large object and a small close object approached. Although the simulation was programmed so that the small object would hit first, participants consistently identified the large object as the one that would arrive first.

According to the researcher behind this study, this likely happened because the brain uses shortcuts when judging speed. The brain can most accurately judge speed by observing the expansion of the image of the object that is projected onto the retina. However, the brain can also use the size of the retinal image as a proxy for distance, which means the brain is biased to think larger objects are closer.

This cognitive shortcut may cause drivers to underestimate how close a motorcycle is or how rapidly it is approaching. When a motorist is judging whether there is enough time to pull out or change lanes in front of a motorcycle, a misjudgment can lead to an accident the motorcyclist is powerless to avoid.

Preventing or handling accidents

Based on these findings, drivers should focus on watching for motorcyclists and leaving plenty of time or space during traffic maneuvers near motorcycles. Riders, meanwhile, should recognize that other drivers have cognitive blind spots and do their best to avoid dangerous situations.

Unfortunately, knowledge and caution are not always enough to prevent accidents. Any motorcyclist who is harmed in an accident caused by another driver should consider meeting with an attorney to discuss the accident and means of seeking compensation.

How Much Is A Car Accident Settlement Worth

How Much Could Your Case Be Worth?

Every car accident is different and, as such, the value of no two cases will be the same. Your lawyer will explore many details of your accident to determine the potential worth of your specific case. In most instances, the worth of a settlement is largely contingent on the severity of your injuries and the cause of your accident.

If an accident caused by another party resulted in you and your loved ones being significantly harmed, you may be eligible to pursue financial compensation. After visiting our car accident info center to read about personal injury law, contact our team to learn more about what you need to know.

866-956-4125 to schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney. Email us or callto schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney.

Understanding The Value Of Your Case

When determining the potential value of your case, the most important criteria for compensation will be based on the extent of your injuries and the damage they have caused you and your loved ones. As such, it’s important to maintain accurate records of all accident-related expenses and document any relevant medical visits and hospital care.

Any of the following factors will be considered in determining the worth of your case:

Medical care and rehab. Beyond initial hospital bills, your compensation should cover the ongoing costs of doctor visits, various therapies, pain medications and all other necessary medical needs you may experience in the future as a result of the accident.

Beyond initial hospital bills, your compensation should cover the ongoing costs of doctor visits, various therapies, pain medications and all other necessary medical needs you may experience in the future as a result of the accident. Personal care. If your accident has left you permanently disabled, home care may be a must for you and your family. If you will need a home nurse or other daily medical care, your lawyer will factor these costs into your case.

If your accident has left you permanently disabled, home care may be a must for you and your family. If you will need a home nurse or other daily medical care, your lawyer will factor these costs into your case. Disability accommodations. If your accident caused permanent injuries, a lawyer will factor any relevant disability accommodations into your compensation. Not only can a permanent disability require expensive modifications to the home, but it can also impact transportation needs and create other lifestyle changes.

If your accident caused permanent injuries, a lawyer will factor any relevant disability accommodations into your compensation. Not only can a permanent disability require expensive modifications to the home, but it can also impact transportation needs and create other lifestyle changes. Lost income. If your accident caused you to miss work or if your injuries have prevented you from ever returning to work, a lawyer can accurately calculate your lost earnings into a potential settlement. Not only can this ease your family’s worries, but it also can limit an accident’s long-term impact on your finances.

If your accident caused you to miss work or if your injuries have prevented you from ever returning to work, a lawyer can accurately calculate your lost earnings into a potential settlement. Not only can this ease your family’s worries, but it also can limit an accident’s long-term impact on your finances. Property damage. Our lawyers will help you receive the full value for damages to your vehicle

If you would like to return to school after the accident to learn a skill or earn degree that allows you to work in another field, one accommodating of your injuries, a lawyer can also factor this into your settlement.

Do I Need A Lawyer For A Car Accident Ppc Lp

Can A Lawyer Help You?

If you or someone close to you was recently involved in an accident, there are countless factors to consider in its aftermath. If your accident caused serious property damage serious injuries to you or your loved ones, can you afford to cover the weight of auto repairs and hospital bills? If your injuries are serious, you may be unable to return to work. Can you afford the loss of missed paychecks?

While working with a lawyer is not required, it’s one of the best steps you can take after a car accident. Not only will a lawyer be knowledgeable of the full scope of Georgia laws, but he or she will have experience representing others in situations similar to your own. Don’t jeopardize the well-being of your family. After reviewing information in our car accident info center, contact a member of our team.

866-956-4125 to speak with a qualified accident attorney today. Email us or callto speak with a qualified accident attorney today.

Understanding If You Need A Lawyer After Your Accident

Most victims who have been seriously harmed in a motor vehicle accident choose the support of a lawyer for a number of reasons. While making this decision will be a personal choice, it’s important to understand that legal professional can be of great benefit to you and your loved ones during the difficult aftermath of a wreck.

You may benefit from the assistance of an Atlanta attorney if:

  • Another driver’s actions caused your injuries.
  • You were harmed in a hit-and-run accident.
  • You have incurred great financial stress as a result of an accident.
  • You don’t know how to handle a personal injury claim on your own.
  • You have sustained debilitating injuries.
  • You sustained great property damage in an accident.

A lawyer can guide you through the personal injury process from start to finish, simplifying legal jargon and accessing specialized resources to explore the circumstances of your case. Securing a legal professional can also aid you and your loved ones because:

A lawyer is experienced. A lawyer will have helped numerous victims successfully gain the compensation they deserve. This advocate will know what is necessary to build a successful case for you. He or she will be familiar with the many causes of accidents and, from experience, can help determine the potential worth and success of your case.

A lawyer will have helped numerous victims successfully gain the compensation they deserve. This advocate will know what is necessary to build a successful case for you. He or she will be familiar with the many causes of accidents and, from experience, can help determine the potential worth and success of your case. A lawyer is knowledgeable. A lawyer will understand exactly how Georgia’s laws may impact your case, and he or she can handle all complicated legal matters that accompany a lawsuit. A lawyer can, furthermore, negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

An attorney will also know of other unique factors to consider, such as road conditions and accident location, to create an effective case for you.

How To Get Your Ex Back Fast

The Secret of how to getting your ex back fast

How to get your ex back fast. Looking for a relationship bound to last is a challenge we

all face, keeping the relationship for good is another. Sometimes though, relationships can start out so romantic, so ideal; but things can go wrong. What was once a “happy ever after story” can turn out to be a nightmare. The worst part is that things may slip away leaving you questioning what went wrong??. How do you handle the situation when things go wrong?

No one is spared from the pain of inflicted by a break up. It’s really frustrating to just sit back and witness a love drift away. Ironically, we aren’t supposed to be chasing after an ex, and yet it’s hard not to. How to win your ex back fast is just one of the many overwhelming questions you have to deal with. It may all seem that a break up is the end of a relationship; however, it doesn’t have to be so. At most, it can be considered the end of a relationship for the mean time, but there’s always a way to revive it and keep it for good.

Lovers naturally rush on mending a relationship after a break up. Fact is, it’s hard to tell if your ex feels the same way. Some thinks that by doing something desperate will save the relationship but this is actually never the case. The following is some advice that can kick start this process. This advice may seem unconventional and counter intuitive at first… but believe me if you apply this into your life there is a high chance can discover how to get your ex back fast .

The best way of How to get your ex back fast

It’s to be understood that before you win an ex back, you have to get yourself back. You have to solve your own issues first and be the person your ex fell in love with. Enhance your good qualities and have a positive outlook. This may be one of the hardest things to start with but you don’t want your ex to see you as a loser.

Second advice is to limit your communication with your ex or give some space. Keeping a distance will bring you back to your usual sense while giving your ex a chance to miss you, your importance. Tricks to help you resist the temptation of calling your ex is to engage in activities such as joining the club, working out at a gym, partying with friends and so on. This is probably the number one biggest step to how to get your ex back fast.

After a break up do not shut yourself from the world, keep on living. Surround yourself with people who care for you and who loves you for who you for they will give you courage to go on with your life. Change for the better to prove that you really deserve a second chance.

How to get your ex back fast involves creative effort, determined heart and sincere intention. After all, it’s about making the most beautiful relationship that would make both of you stay for each other until the end. In order for this to happen of course you will need to follow some simple yet somewhat counter intuitive steps to ensure success. You will be glad you applied the steps of how to get your ex back fast.

If you want to learn How to get your ex back fast click on the link where you can learn some very Unconventional Methods that will increase your chances of how to get your ex back fast.

Bleach Cleaner A Wide Range Of Uses

Bleach Cleaner – A Wide Range of Uses

Bleach cleaner is used for a wide range of things. This is because bleach is able to do everything starting with hair lightening to eliminating and killing germs which are found in bathrooms and kitchens.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that bleach is quite useful as far as cleaning is concerned, it has also been linked to certain health problems which have become quite of concern in recent times.

As such, most people are torn between using bleach cleaner and opting for other cleaning alternatives. For this reason, before you actually make up your mind to use this chemical for your cleaning, it is essential that you first keep in mind the various pros and cons which are associated with use of bleach. This way, you will be able to make up your mind whether it is the right cleaning option for you or not.

The Pros

First, as highlighted here above, there is no doubt that bleach cleaner is quite useful as far as making sure that your loved ones are protected from microbes and germs. These can be quite hazardous on health and might mean never ending trips to the doctors office.

In addition to this, bleach is also able to kill bacteria as well as virus and in such cases, you can say that it is an all purpose cleaning agent for areas invaded with germs like bathroom and kitchen. Still, since it is also possible to manufacture bleach in form of chlorine, it is usually added to water in the pool as a way of killing bacteria and amoeba.

As you spend your entire day in the water swimming, you are assured of complete protection from infections related with such bacteria. Still on the issue of advantages of bleach, you should know that bleach cleaner is regarded as a brightener and a whitener. As such, if you want to turn your dark lock blonder, you can use bleach to strip the hair of the color.

This way, you can use any type of dye that you want or just leave it blonde. Besides hair, bleach can strip clothes their color but you need to be careful as cloth fibers are easily damaged by bleach especially when used in its pure for.

However, it is very useful when sued alongside other stain removers where it can remove effectively dark stains like grass, wine and ketchup.

The Cons Of Bleach Cleaner

Even with bleach cleaner being quite useful as such, it is unfortunately a harmful chemical especially when not used properly and when used together with other cleaning chemicals.

If it is inhaled, it can lead to breathing problems, loss of consciousness, nausea and headaches. Still, use of bleach cleaner is highly discouraged for persons with chronic bronchitis, lung disorders and asthmatic conditions as it can seriously worsen their health condition.

Also, using bleach with products that contain ammonia especially glass cleaners can lead to the formation of chlorine gas which is quite hazardous on the health of humans.