Some Unique Facts about Entre Institute

Entre Institute is a premier institution for higher learning in engineering, applied mathematics, and business. This Institute is committed to producing graduate students who are innovative thinkers with the capacity to succeed in industry and society. Below you’ll be seeing Entre Institute facts that might interest you.

  1. This Institute was founded in 1806 by John Clarke, an English clergyman who immigrated to America during the Revolutionary War. Clarke founded the first Baptist seminary in America and named it after the French word “to enter.”
  2. The school was initially located in New York City but moved to its current location, a campus in Fairfield County, Connecticut – in 1873. The Institute’s original campus was at Chambers Street and Broadway.
  3. The name was changed from “Entre” to “Entre” by James. Unfortunately, he lacked creativity and wrote it on his hat to not forget how to spell it.
  4. The Q building was built in 1835 and is the oldest structure.
  5. Entre Institute is a member of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Connecticut (AICU).
  6. The first building on campus was called the Observatory; it was built in 1845 to house telescopes for observing stars, planets and comets. It later housed a vast collection of books about God’s incredible creation. The books were later moved to the library.
  7. The school is built on beautiful rolling hills, so all buildings are connected by lovely covered walkways. It became necessary after a student, who had run out of money, was caught stealing a professor’s car and driving it through the library’s skylight.
  8. Entre Institute has been a pioneer in education; It was one of the first colleges in America to offer courses in engineering and business.
  9. Entre Institute offered its first classes during the Civil War (1861 – 1865).
  10. The Institute’s mascot, Super Guy, was created by accident in 1916. The original mascot was a flying squirrel named William “Leaps on Stuff” Matson.

These are some of the significant facts about Entre Institute that can help you know more about it.


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