The Health Alarm About Bad Chairs – Know About The Benefits

According to several recent reports, the selection of a bad chair can cause negative effects to your long-term health. That is the wrong sitting posture for a long time. This thing usually occurs when you sit on a substandard chair.

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With the both the subject reason and the object one, your posture is in serious warning. However, the main reason is that you are using the nonstandard chair. You think that the chair is simply a normal object for daily sitting. Therefore, you prefer a cheap chair to an expensive chair. You disregard the chair quality because you want to save a little money. This thing is gnawing gradually your health

Do you the idiom “You get what you pay for”? This idiom is really true when mentioning this matter. The cheap chair does not make the comfort for you. Not only your inner health but also your appearance affect negatively. The back is humped. You will be like an old man with the hunchback. I am sure that you can’t go out with this shape. However, a quality chair completely satisfies you, though the price is high.

How does the poor posture affect you?

Bad back

Sitting the substandard chair for prolonged periods of time can cause the back pain, even worse existing back diseases. Gradually, you can’t maintain the sitting in all day. The back pain bothers you anytime.

Normal chairs often have a stone backrest which is made from materials in low quality. Therefore, your back does not avoid suffering pains, if you sit for a long time. You do not feel comfortable so there is an increase of stress in your back. Moreover, the pressure is large to the back muscles and spinal discs.

Symptoms of back pain

  • Hard moving, even preventing walking and standing
  • Pain moves around to the groin, buttock, and upper thigh
  • Pain tends to be achy and dull
  • Muscle spasm can be worse
  • Local ache upon touch
  • Painful neck

You often sit at a desk and crane your neck forward a keyboard. I am sure that you can feel tired if you keep this posture in many hours. Unfortunately, your chair also can’t help you. Most of normal chairs have a short backrest without a neck pillow. Therefore, your neck does not have an uncomfortable rest. This state can strain the cervical vertebrae and lead to the eternal imbalance. Your neck is slouched

If your neck is painful, you need to regard more because the neck pain can:

  • Spread to the back, shoulders, arms
  • Be worse with movement
  • Tender and stiff neck
  • Cause headache
  • Numb butt

I can’t imagine the feeling when my butt is on a stone chair for a long time. That is terrible. When you sit, the pressure of the bodyweight puts down the buttocks and hips. Those who suffer an overload are pressed seriously. Therefore, your buttocks are numb and sore.

Bad mood

Poor posture leads to serious pains and diseases. This matter also affects negatively your mental health. Your mentality is not comfortable. When you sit down, stand up, even sleep, pains always bother you. You are often under stress. You are easy to be angry, bored, and depressed. This thing can affect people around you.

In some cases, your colleague wants to ask for your help but you are in bad mood. You feel angry with your substandard chair. Do you think that you can feel happy and comfortable helping your colleague?

Increased stress level

Obviously, the stress often happens daily. It is your body’s way of reacting to demands, threats. When you feel bad, your nervous system releases a flood of stress hormones. Your body is in an emergency. The heart beats faster, muscles tighten, blood pressure increases, breath quickens, and senses are more sensitive.

However, when you are in a bad chair, your stress is also worse. The chair does not give you any comfort. Your bad mood increases more, so the stress overload happens with you.

Many health problems are caused by stress overload:

  • The pain of any kind
  • Heart disease
  • Sleep problems
  • Depression Digestive problem
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Weight problem
  • Skin condition

Some signs and symptoms of stress overload:

  • Lack of concentration
  • Negative thinking
  • Nervous habit
  • Depression
  • Low memory ability
  • Isolating yourself from others
  • Sensitivity Eating more or less
  • Sleep too much or too little
  • Using alcohol, cigarettes, drugs to relax
  • Ache- Pain
  • Chest pain- Rapid heartbeat

Work performance

You always try and attempt to best complete your work. You can sit in many hours in order to finish the work on time, even exceeding the time plan. Therefore, your boss always appreciates you at work.

However, your health is gradually worse. The chair, which you are sitting, is uncomfortable like before. Your body is often painful and sore. Sitting in all day seems to be impossible to you. You only sit for about 2 hours, even 20 minutes, you feel uncomfortable. Not only you can’t complete your work on time but also your work quality is not high.

The negative effects are apparent from sitting a bad chair. The health, mentality, and appearance are important to make a better life. Therefore, using the best chair is essential to support the right posture in sitting.


John Clarke is a professional and experienced content creator based in Sydney, Australia. He works as the editorial manager in TIME Magazine and as a contributor at

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