Top 3 Benefits of Using Flexible Cannula for Dermasculpt

The significant factor of microcannula is it is blunt, and it can be used on complex parts and give you satisfactory results. 

It is specially introduced for ensuring the safety of people and providing them with top-notch results. The small size cannula is helpful for doctors as they can control their hands while penetrating the fillers inside the skin. 

There are significant advantages of this cannula since you do not require much time for making the things upright, and most importantly, there is no risk of bruising and swelling. 

The noticeable facts of microcannula vs. needles help you to select the appropriate option for your use. This is because it does not affect arteries and veins. The following are the incredible advantages of microcannula.

  • Less Downtime 

The safe and sound technique for providing people with the top-notch service of injecting filler is microcannula. The needle is specially designed that is entirely different from the ordinary needle. 

In addition, the cannula is blunt-tipped and makes a passage through a specific area for injecting the fillers under the skin. It is a safe and secure option since it does not affect artery that causes bleeding, bruising, and swelling. 

This technique also reduces the possibility of acquiring much time in the process. In a minimal time, you can go for the procedure, and also the recovery time is also minor. This is a spot-on way to rely on the treatment without being in much pain.

  • Minimal risk of Bleeding and Bruising 

The design of the microcannula is extraordinary. The blunt tip of the cannula is perfect and round in shape. This is not sharp but affects the larger area without affecting the veins and arteries. 

On the other hand, sharp needles are responsible for penetrating deep inside the veins and arteries that affect the blood vessels. It results in bruising, swelling, and inflammation. 

Whereas microcannula is blunt shaped that do not cause problem to the vascular system. As a result, decrease the risk of bleeding and bruising for people. This makes the topmost reason for doctors to use microcannula over needles.

  • Incredible Flexibility 

Microcannula works on a specific area, and most importantly, it affects the wider area. For example, ordinary needles affect the skin causing scars and bleeding. 

On the contrary, microcannula is a fabulous way of injecting filler since it provides doctors with flexibility. They can add the medicine under the skin in a broader area within a single injection. 

This is because it affects the large site and also treats the wider one. This gives the doctor a good facility for treating the area perfectly in one shot. Isn’t it amazing? This is beneficial for patients as well since they do not have to go for much pain and time.


Microcannula is an excellent way to form a safe passage for injecting the fillers under the skin. This safer option has incredible advantages. To know more about pros the information mentioned above.


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