Training With Rauno Rikberg

Many people are looking for assistance in training their bodies in an organized manner in today’s date and time. This has increased the demand for the gym, yoga, pilate, and so on trainers worldwide. If you are looking for a private coach or eratreener, as it is referred to in Italy, then look no further. Rauno Rickberg brings a unique plan that is effective for your mental and physical health. 

Below listed are some of the packages he offers

  • Nutrition Plan

To get a healthy body, merely working out constantly on the treadmill or lifting barbells every morning is not enough. Nutrition is essential for the proper functioning of the body. In this plan, you will know the diet structure that suits you based on your eating habits, your workout hours, and your body type. So, hurry up and sign for the consultation now.

  • Training Plan

With the help of this, the trainer will figure out your goals and your needs and assign the workout most suitable for you. Some people want to follow the gym exercises, while others might be more comfortable exercising at home. The best part is that it starts very basic to build your confidence level over time.

Do not worry if you can’t join the offline training program, as there is also an online option. By availing of it, you can get to know the personalized methods of Rauno from any corner of the globe. In addition to this, there is also the privilege of both individual and joint training. If you want to continue on this journey with a close friend or family member, you are welcome to join the ‘training for two’ package. 

Now that you have some idea about this, you can choose the best suited for you—all the best on starting your fitness journey.


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